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Oneiric is a women’s-wear label that creates tailored and handmade garments, its mission is to evoke emotion, mood and attitude within everyday wear.

 The textile and details chosen aim to accentuate silhouettes, with the overall aesthetic translating to modern and experimental cuts.


  O U R  R A N G E 

Our vision of the modern day wardrobe consists of beautiful tailored pieces that are functional, effortless and hold a sense of character. 

We consider this notion when planning our ranges and have arranged our pieces in three main sections.

Base Range

Within this collection you will find our seasonless and classic items. Our staple garments are designed to be versatile, comfortable and fit seamlessly within the everyday wardrobe.


Our knitwear has a mixture of base seasonless garments and items that are made in small runs with deadstock knit fabric.


Oneiric’s specialises in outerwear and craft their patterns and cuts in house. This range is specifically where you will find our experimental and unique shapes. All items in this section are available for purchase all year round and can also be custom made. Stock may be limited on styles made with deadstock fabric, this will be noted in item description.

Bespoke Garments

Oneiric have a team of knit specialists who produce the crochet and knit pieces within this collection. Customers have the opportunity to either order in their own custom designed piece or choose within the range.  We also customise colour and wool preference.



Our philosophy is to not only design clothing for the modern day woman, we also factor in modern practises within all areas of Oneiric The label. We follow a sustainable and ethical ethos; this is incorporated into production, sourcing of materials and in the use of resources.

Oneiric proudly makes majority of items in Melbourne, Australia. We work with a local family run manufacturer and also have an in house team creating handmade pieces.

All our fabrics and trims are sourced from local businesses. Majority of our fabric is produced in Japanese mills and are made to order. Our garments are made from natural fibres such as wool, cotton, and silk; these fibres are compostable and naturally break down in the environment. We also use a lot of deadstock fabric in our collections. All these practises reduce waste to landfill. 


Supporting our Label in turn supports other local businesses. Shop local and ethical, it’s worth it!